day 277 – vdl birthday present


what a way to celebrate my birthday and cap off my birthday weekend being tier champs. it wasn’t just any other birthday like the past. they announce my special day during the announcements and i received hundreds of birthday wishes, never in my life have i felt so special. team and teamwork is the reason that brought us this championship. hoisting the hammer to pose for the team victory photo, it was a truly amazing feeling that also earned many bragging rights. props to all my teammates playing off each other and sticking to the game plan, couldn’t have done it without any one of you. first playoff tier champ win in my seasons of vdl, winning never felt any better. another year older, another year wiser, looking to make changes, improvements and just make more happen this coming year


day 12 – spotted


had to take a picture of this shiny purple car with gigantic teddy bear chilling in the back seat!! seeing this teddy reminds me that i also have a gigantic teddy bear sitting somewhere in my closet from the time my friends gave me for my birthday. i considered it more of a prank because it wouldn’t fit in my locker so i had to carry it to every class that day and my mandarin teacher giving me a hard time for taking up two seats