day 2341 – multi screen

this is my holiday season, the break i’m entitled to just be a sloth. however, there are some unfinished business at work that needs to be done. ever since i came across this edition of prince of tennis, i have been crazily addicted. i’m binging this series day and night, and staying up until 3am hoping to finish it before my holidays are over. meanwhile, though my work is visibly there on the other screen, i’m doing nothing to it

day 2339 – burnaby museum

gave up on aurora winter festival for burnaby heritage museum because the admissions didn’t make it appealing. i went in with little expectations considering it’s free admissions. there were a bunch of picture worthy backgrounds. it was drizzly but the weather cooperated for the most part. we took the pictures and left for some bubble tea. i finished off the night with a few late night episodes of prince of tennis

day 1063 – binging


dessert helps soreness coping. after two straight days of heavy loading on my legs, i could binge a little without feeling overly bad. soft peaks has been on the top of my bookmarked list for a long time. i finally got a chance to check out their shop in gastown and indulge in their organic ice cream. i had the chocolatey mudslide and mo had the blueberry blue mountain