day 350 – data plan


what i once thought six gigabytes was unlimited is not really unlimited after all. the most data usage i ever logged in one billing cycle. not sure how did i manage to use that much data in a month’s time but this is good knowing i take full advantage of what i pay for and am entitled to


day 299 – social bug


sky rocketing numbers for phone usage this time around. maybe that’s why i consistently can’t lay off my phone and definitely cannot live without it. that’s the most text messages i have ever sent and received in one billing cycle and even then it only uses fifty percentage of my allowance.

day 229 – my rogers


my rogers text usage this cycle is on the decline and not maximizing my cost-benefit to get my moneys worth out of the expensive plan i pay for. guess i have been feeling lonely and a little antisocial as of late. maybe its time to step out of my own little world and interact with others more often