day 2076 – card building

the gstrings wanted to hangout and chill over some bubble tea, so we did a late night boba visit. this is so bad for my diet, but i was determined to keep the damage to a minimal by only drinking half of my half sweet taro slush. first time in a quite some time we sat down as a team and just chilled. we also played some big two and card building while some golfed down sushi and bubble waffles. i’m going to pay for staying out so late tomorrow morning

day 1064 – jenga mastery


i had a long hump day where i was occupied with taking care of errands, playing some much needed tennis and coaching a couple students. after a busy day running around everywhere, i ended the night chilling at off the grid with mo’s extended family. there we played cards and jenga while some of us sipped on milkshakes and others munched on waffles. i had a good time chilling with a welcoming bunch