day 516 – nearing the end


fifth and probably second last luxurious dine out feast of this christmas holidays, what a sigh of relief. first time here and now i have been introduced to another good sushi place in vancouver. both the food and service were good, similar to that of the eatery out in westside. it is highly likely i will come back for more sushi soon enough. still need to eat responsibly and watch what i put into my mouth

day 206 – snowy days


wake up to a vancouver of snow covered streets and rooftops. glad that there’s finally fresh new snow on the mountains. a few days of sunshine just as you think spring is almost here, coupled with a few days of snow. that’s not unusual and that’s kind of sums up vancouver’s weather pattern

day 131 – first snow


snowing for the first time this season and it is a weird sight seeing all roads, cars and rooftops covered with a thin layer of vanilla icing. i wonder what the conditions are like up on the mountain. all drivers be alert and drive with caution, i would much rather you don’t drive if you are going cause other drivers grief