day 525 – purple barricades


said i was going to lay off posting food pictures for a while if wasn’t completely necessary, so i decided to drool over these new shoes that i really want. i can picture myself sporting these purple barricades looking super awesome on the court. too bad they don’t make them in a size small enough for me or i would make them mine in an instant. i guess it’s also a good thing because i have way too much pairs of tennis shoes and only one pair of feet


day 353 – hardcourt


squeezing in some leisure hitting between some rain, shower and drizzle on one of my extremely rare saturday off. clearing skies in mid afternoon gave me the window of opportunity to hit the courts and satisfy my ever growing tennis craving. if it weren’t for commitments to demo practice, i would have had a much more enjoyable session not needing to rush off due to time constraints

day 66 – extreme like!!


really like this white and lime green pair of barricades at impulse sports but too pricey for my poor wallet even at its sale price. must be careful with my spendings and make distinction between wants and needs. the last thing i need is to buy another pair of triple digit tennis shoes