day 2707 – tuck finale

this was the perfect ending to my atuckaday for a hundred days. i brought out my spiderman suit and pulled off the back tuck with knee landing that i could’ve only dreamed of a month ago. i’m extremely grateful for all those who helped out and sync’d in my one hundred. there were several times i felt i may have lost my mojo and needed a some tweaking in the gym. but over the past a hundred days, i have gotten confident in my back tucks, comfortable enough to do them just about anywhere and allow myself to toy with some creative ideas. pleasantly surprised how many people have been watching my daily stories and said it was their entertainment and something that they looked forward to each night. it’s a relief that today is the finale, but i think i’m going to miss it a little. i’ll probably find something new to start on, but not nearly a hundred reps

day 2667 – downtown sailing

sunny days are hard to come by in november, so had to take advantage and get some much needed fresh air in midst of the lockdown. afternoon was spent looking in olympic village near science world and evening was spent walking venturing downtown near waterfront station. i did a couple back tucks throughout the day, but body started to give up from fatigue and hunger. i had to hold off on the eating until dinner time rolled around if i wanted any hope of making weight

day 2662 – self training

went into flightclub in the afternoon to get some training done before i start teaching. i was pretty sore from yesterday’s lifts but i still wanted to walked into the gym with a game plan. the goal was to work on my back tuck landings, build some combos and drill some flash and websters. i didn’t feel any explosiveness, so i did some back tucks but not the knee landing. since i didn’t feel my legs, i stayed on the ground to work on my combos and felt very productive. the stubborn me kicked in at the end when i wanted to test out my wrist and tried some back handsprings on the blue mat

day 2636 – short open gym

call time for tomorrow’s shoot is before dawn, but i still wanted to go to open gym tonight for a quick session. i told myself going in that i had to leave the gym no later than 10:30pm. i had a fun and chill session working on back tucks, pop3’s, wall flips and back handsprings. i fell pretty hard on one of my wall flips, hopefully it didn’t do much damage to my foot. i was happy i was able to help my coach out with some roundhouse and sidekick technique

day 2203 – shaved ice

being done with the never ending bottle of antibiotics is something to celebrate for. so i celebrated no more dealing with side effects by training a little more than the past days. although my neck and back from the whiplash is still noticeable, i still insisted on building my back tucks back onto the floor without a spot. after training, the crew had the urge to get shaved ice so i got a chance to try snowy village for the first time. this is bad for my eating plan, but at least i shared it with two others

day 2158 – teddy bear stand

no work on monday because of a long weekend means i can go to open gym and not have to worry about how late i stay out. training started productive, drilling five back tucks on floor and fifteen front tucks on blue. i also did some aerials, arabians and spotted flash kicks before my knee started hurting slamming onto blue mat on btwists. i then switched to teddy bear head stand and handstand practice. i’m more concerned that my hair and ponytail is messed up after each attempt