day 2111 – sleep day

i woke up feeling fine somehow started to lose track of what was going on around me at work at 10am. i was feeling all flu-like symptoms including drowsiness, dizziness, fatigue, chills, and aches. i pushed through until the end of the day which i really shouldn’t have. it was an iffy drive home, but i did my best to stay alert on the road. i immediately crashed on my bed the second i got into my room and didn’t give a crap about anything else

day 467 – house party


glimpse of what i remember from last night before i lost all recollection of events that took place after. there was a large lineup of booze that had us gaming and drinking well into the morning and only passed out after the sun rose. it was a good night and good bonding time before we started losing ourselves. an epic night full of crazy things and lots of uncalled for events that we probably will never know about. waking up next day could hold many surprises, good and bad. haven’t drank so much in a night for quite a long time, i have not become an alcoholic. couldn’t have asked for a better time, taking advantage of the personal space and house all to myself while family is away

day 162 – ready for submission


one portfolio finally completed after countless days of stress and sleepless nights. after stressing out over the past few weeks, worrying over christmas holidays and experiencing migraine and black out, my first one is finally ready to be submitted. it’s not over yet, that’s one down, one more to go

day 159 – procrastination


can’t stress enough how tough it is working on this through christmas holidays when all i want to do is celebrate like every normal person. reality has hit me and it’s about time i pick up the pace and work faster. productivity and sense of urgency has been low and now the deadline is only days away.