day 215 – cypress we go


skiing season came late this year but better late than never. first time going up this year with some crazy friends who speeds down black runs and jumps at will. finally enough volume and fresh powder, but too much on some runs caused a few of us to wipe up hard and way too foggy the visibility was less than 15 feet. very happy that my ankle recovery is coming along nicely but also helped that the ski boot doesn’t allow for any extra movements


day 151 – cypress open to close


beauty overlooking cypress bowl from above in the night time. stayed up on the mountain from open to 7:30pm and skied on all the runs with a mixture of both beginners and super advanced totalling at least 25 runs. slope conditions were bad in morning but improved when it started snowing after noon. today must be a good day for skiing, bumped into so many different groups of people. wonder if i will still be able to move and do exercise tomorrow