day 1464 – melting away

img_20200203_1530405068052410955319372.jpgtrying to sleep in my room is like sleeping in a sauna. i’m sweating even when sitting still with two small fans blowing beside me. sleep quality and quantity has dropped because my top floor is suffocating heat. the air quality is at its worst all summer, so bad it’s making me have constant headache for two straight days. i hope the smoke and smog gets blown away quicker so i can carry out some outdoor activities

day 705 – vancity smog


the mood of vancity changed significantly due to all the smog in the skies. the combination of smokey air and humidity makes me feel so depressed. the smell of smoke from all the forest and mountain fires around british columbia is so penetrating especially in downtown vicinity. it’s so unusual to see vancouver’s summer sky turn from blue to gray, if i didn’t pay attention to the new or my newsfeed, i could easily mistaken myself being in china