day 2642 – video editing

stayed home all day because a few covid red flags came up both on set and at flipping. although chances are minimal because i had no direct contact and maybe not even indirect contact, it’s never a bad thing to air on the side of caution. i felt bad skipping my monday workout when i had no excuse not to all morning. i spent most of my time editing my video, hopefully have it ready by the end of the night

day 2634 – mediatrix

glad that the weather held up this afternoon so we could get our feet wet in videography and experimenting with b-rolls. part of me just wants to get better at all types of post production programs, especially when i haven’t been exposed to premiere pro throughout school. we’re not sure where this will lead us, but we wanted to work on our craft and get better at both photography and video edits. also toying with the idea of creating some episodes as a casual youtuber

day 2452 – video release

originally took on this project because my grandmaster asked for a video for his social media, turns out to be a pretty meaningful task for myself. since i wanted to post this on my own feed, i wouldn’t let anything sub-par be posted out in public. after a full day of rummaging through my archives and another few days mulling over things on premiere pro, i’m finally satisfied with the video edit. watching all these videos really makes me think back of my competition days and makes me realize how much i miss – both the glory on the podium and hardships endured in training

day 1114 – fresh air

DSC_1860getting outside for some fresh air because being trapped indoor makes me bored and drowsy. even though temperature is up in the thirties, it’s not so bad when there’s shade under the trees and water to calm my soul. the hike did it’s job; i came home recharged and finished my poster graphic. i had a lot of technical difficulties dealing with gigantic files, constantly compressing and keeping the file sizes down was a pain