day 2652 – maiko matcha

everyone was tired today so friday training didn’t last very long. i didn’t have a productive session, but i had another breakthrough, connecting two back handsprings from the blue mat. we thought we were super tired, but after going to wings and maiko, we were wide awake again. instead of dispersing, we listen to music and chilled in the car. we found an odd surge of energy and went cruising towards the dyke area and also took some night shots. i accidentally fell on an aerial and hit my wrist on the edge of some metal. it really stung but it was too cold to tell, so i hope it’s not too bad when i wake up tomorrow

day 1449 – platform

working on the timing of my high pull now that i can get back to doing full cleans. each rehab session is challenging but offers so much more than just regaining what i had lost. i get worked quite hard each time; my shirt is drenched in sweat by the end, but i like that it keeps me on my toes. my kineis plays a big part in fast tracking me to regain my strength and form. he along with chiro is building me stronger a better for the progress that’s expected to come. best of all, i no longer feel like the remnants of my accident ┬áhinders my body from doing my activities. i just need to work on and take care of the injuries i have racked up as of late

day 1236 – hit hard


i think i made a bad decision to go in without adequate rest, and one little mental lapse was all it took. i was hit hard and my workout ended prematurely; that’s one way of driving me out of the gym. the rest of the day was a struggle and slightly blurred. in hindsight, i’m fortunate i wasn’t knocked out and could still walk out under my own power. i know i need to do something, but clueless as to what i should do and which physician to consult