day 1736 – appas and dongsaeng

and so the birthday celebration begins. taken out to lunch by colleague for shared birthday meal with an appa. the two appas and two dongsaengs gotten close because we’re late eating buddies. the four of us going all the way out to mr black for long lunch; i’ll probably end up working through tomorrow’s lunch. their menu features much fried katsu of all meats, but going out of my norm is acceptable once in a while. the decor was nice and food was decent, but kind of pricey if everything was regular priced. it was quite evident that traffic wasn’t very high at all


day 507 – christmasy decorations


going out with the family for a dinner when seemingly the rest of the world is also trying to have their christmas celebrations and holiday dinners. that explains why theres long lineups at practically every single restaurant and snail slow service. we hadn’t even thought about making reservations for such a small party. the time of the year when i gets so sick of food and i haven’t even made it to christmas day yet and to make matters worse, haven’t hit the gym once

day 194 – long weekend special


pigging out at aberdeen food court in between our own training session and teaching session. tried the oreo ice cream smoothie for the first time and it tasted really good but it was so filling i didn’t even need the wonton noodles. bad news is after stuffing my face, it is time to teach poomsae training

day 116 – what’s the occasion?


was passing by aberdeen centre and saw various perfomances, some of them are very interesting like this group dancing to gangnam style music. not entirely sure what the event is celebrating or promoting for and it certainly wouldn’t be a good location choice to do some homework

day 83 – bubble waffle


huge lineup at this aberdeen foodcourt kiosk, waited in line for so long to get my one order of bubble waffle because person in front of me had five orders of the same thing. god knows why she needed so many orders and hope she isn’t finishing that alone. but i was in dire need to have my craving fixed, so if you ask me, it was certainly worth the wait