day 1678 – gymery

although i’m not cleared for most activities i do, the surgeon has given me the okay to be here. my gear was ready, my bag was packed while i waited for his signal. it’s the first time in over two months i could legitimately be here in my happy place doing the happy things. a stupid setback happened due to my impatience and inability to stay away. i thought i was okay, i wanted to be okay, but later found out it was still premature


day 1677 – rehydrate 

forgot to drink water after all those shots taken so a leg cramp ensued overnight and for the rest of the day. i’m making up for it by chugging lots of water throughout the day to rehydrate. monday morning was slowed as a result of an eventful weekend; a good one that was long overdue. the drinking has begun as the holiday season kicks off with a fury bang

day 1676 – bandaid belt

each playoff we come close but just short as runner ups, but that changed today. our balls your face finally prevailed with tier 2 bandaid belt after being eluded for three playoffs. this team is unbelievably unselfish and selfless which truly exemplifies the real meaning of what team means to me. many hard fought and tough competition in this tier, but we never unwavered. a well deserved victory for this iconic wednesday team. i’m exhausted and still slightly hungover, but i can’t be happier to be a part of this crew

day 1675 – company christmas 

it’s not often, but sometimes i try and could look quite classy too. it’s that time of the year to dress up for the annual harrison hotsprings company christmas party. the party was catered with buffet and open bar. came out having enjoyed good food, lots of photos and nice big door prize. the dinner party was just the beginning; the after party was where the main event was at. perfect time to put on the party hat to join in on the games and the shots of soju that came with. it was a good night of partying that didn’t settle down until 3am. i’ll be tired and maybe even hungover, but i’ll enjoy myself to the fullest

day 1674 – over and done

it’s a pity it’s made official, but deep down i know it’s over for the better. the decision to leave at one of my most critical time was already a telling tale; but i learned and bared next to no expectation from then on. if i was able to survive that storm alone, i’d be able to get through anything. lots of things are about to change. it’s a time to reset myself and welcome the new challenges i’m about to take on. it’s a time to get back to understanding that my own priorities don’t need live in the shadows of everyone else’s

day 1673 – daniel thousandth

daniel sedin joining his brother and making the canuck millenium point list. pretty sure this is henrik, they look the same any way. either way, an honor to have met one of them in person and watched him make one thousand happen. a great accomplishment and a treat to have watched seventeen years of sedinery. i watched the twins being drafted into nhl as raw hockey players, to leading the team to stanley cup finals

day 1672 – kurios 

cirque du soleil once again proves it’s entertainment at its best. couldn’t pass up the opportunity to good seats for kurios. it was a display of amazing acrobatic skills that took me through time warp and challenged my perceptions. this would be one of the better cirque shows i’ve seen so far. kooza, zarkana, totem, ka, toruk, and now kurios, i have never been disappointed walking out of their shows. each time i witness something different that is mind blowing