pat quinn tribute – a hockey legend

there’s tremendous sadness in the world of hockey today as the life of a hockey legend come to an end. pat quinn was an incredible man, player, coach and mentor who contributed so much to the game of hockey and brought so much joy to many fans across the nation. not only was he a key component of many great vancouver canucks moments, he was also a big part of countless nhl and hockey canada moments. everyone who’s worked with in the hockey community respects him so and compliments him with nothing but the highest regards. for me, he will forever be remembered as the man who drafted my idol trevor linden into the system and lead the 94 team into the stanley cup finals. he will be missed but not forgotten because he leaves behind a great legacy. pat quinn said it best, “follow your dreams, listen to your heart, obey your passion”

day 481 – under the weather


so much can change in twenty four hours, from having the time of my life to hanging onto my life. all week long i had a feeling i was on the verge of catching it and so it finally did. woke up with a cold feeling crappy with a headache, nasal congestion and sore throat. nevermind the expiry date, i really needed some drugs to keep me going, but maybe i should just go home and rest up