day 430 – mom’s birthday dinner


a fantastic night at pelican doing early an celebration dinner for mom’s birthday dinner. moments like this needs and deserves more frequency that affects me in greater capacity.¬† i can’t even recall when i last sat down with my family and had such an enjoyable dinner. hope to have more of these happy days once all the craziness ends and restores my normal schedule


twenties series: [four] body


once a body part is injured, it will never be the same and will never get back to its original state. it’s no secret that i have been shattered and broken through the years, my history is longer than what you can imagine. many think i am crazy for not taking the necessary breaks when i am injured and making premature and spontaneous decisions to return to action. in the past i have always believed bumps and bruises won’t stop me from doing what i do, neither does sprains and breaks. thankful for the handful of people who takes care of me and picks me up when i fall and gets me back in the game; plus the numerous people have been around to always remind me to tame it down. i still believe that but i am much more aware and concerned with the risks i take. the older i grow, the more i understand the importance of taking care of my body and doing the necessary rehab. i learned¬†that are no shortcuts and abbreviated version of the road to recovery, i wished i learned that before my body lost the ability to sense pain and stopped sending my brain the correct stimuli. i can guarantee i am working much harder to recover correctly, taking care of my problems head on and get back stronger. i will not give up the sports i love, but i will do all with more caution and continue to do the maintenance work required. i think i am starting to understand the saying take care of your body, it’s the only thing you have to live in