day 274 – just me and you


a nice surprise pre birthday celebration at stanley park beach where the sky was dark and the stars were shining. sitting in front of the water and soaking in the moment was so calm and peaceful. thanks for being so thoughtful in planning this surprise and so considerate of my tight schedule. i loved the sparklers and the mini cartoon cakes. you really made it a special one to remember

a little nationals preview

recording during training and rewatching over and over to analyze┬ámy own poomsae to the finest detail. this is by far my favourite poomsae to watch and practice, but knowing very well that my knees hates it. nationals is fast approaching, must turn it up and work harder and smarter. it gets frustrating because it’s so difficult to make changes that feels so natural and break the bad habits that’s grown on me. still ways to go to get to what i want but certainly coming along